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The Europe :: England :: London region is based in London. This region has the most writers, and is the wordiest, in England. London's wordiness is known worldwide, as the London region total word count consistently falls among the top five regions in the world.


Between January and November, we run weekly meetings at Pret A Manger, Hanover Square on Sunday afternoons between 1 and 4pm. All are welcome to attend and there is a structure to these. We have 15 minutes socialising, then 45 minutes of writing/editing/researching or whatever you need to do; we do this three times over. Meetings January to October are a lot more relaxed in this format than November. In November we do ask for silent writing time to reduce the distractions for other attendees. We normally designate at least one of the October sessions as a 'Plot In' and may also ask that the format be more strictly adhered to during those times.

During November, we run Write-Ins Sunday-Thursday (partly because trying to find an appropriate venue on a Friday night is hard and partly because even MLs need a day off!) The ML writing sessions happen in various locations in central London, but will normally run along the same format as the above. Participants are always welcomed to run their own events locally, and these are updated on the Google calendar which is linked to our regional page.

Generally, we have our Kick Off Party at The Mad Hatter Hotel in Southwark on the last Saturday before November, our TGIO party at The Blacksmith and Toffee Maker in Angel on the first Saturday after November, and a few other special events in between. We run NaNoRilla - a series of guerilla write-ins around famous or inspiring venues in London. We've previously visited the Tate, British Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, Tower of London and many others. We try to make sure that this is all accessible, but if you want to come along and have any requirements, please give one of the MLs a shout. Also, accept the fact that it will rain before you leave the house, but remember, no rain = no food :P Another favourite is ANLI, otherwise known as the All Night Lock-In. From 7pm until 7am, we go off to a venue and write, play games and consume far too much coffee, whilst telling jokes about sexy ice cubes, bathtubs on the interstate and telling Mr Stark, I Don't Feel So Good.

Recently we've also added a train adventure, heading to Brighton and then Cambridge. The name of this event changes depending on the location (previously it has been London to Brighton in 1'667 Words and Punting and Sprinting - no prizes for guessing which is which.) We choose trains ahead of time so that tickets can be booked in advance, try to arrange meeting up with the resident group and then also have a look around the local area.

Check out the regional forum page for more details of meetings.


  • In November 2011 we wrote 73,627,706 words
  • In November 2012 the region wrote 48,213,617 words, and was ranked 4th.
  • 2014: 2,593 novelists; 45,878,702 words written; 17,693 average wordcount
  • 2015: 2,518 novelists; 45,425,810 words written; 18,040 average wordcount
  • 2016: 2,339 novelists; 38,079,972 words written; 16,280 average wordcount
  • 2017: 2,177 novelists; 2,116,435,735 words written; 972,179 average wordcount (note: total word count probably not accurate)
  • 2018: 2,076 novelists; 36,916,332 words written; 17,782 average wordcount
  • 2019: stats unavailable[1]
  • 2020: 1,673 novelists; 34,071,165 words written; 20,365 average wordcount[2]

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  1. 2019's totals, when available, were provided through a third-party tool using the non-public Word Count API. This region was large enough to overload the tool.
  2. Sent from NaNoWriMo HQ, February 2021. Consists of active homed participants who created a NaNoWriMo 2020 project.

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