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* In 2012, the Elsewhere region wrote 8,731,638.
* In 2012, the Elsewhere region wrote 8,731,638 words.
==External Links==
==External Links==

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The Elsewhere region is used for those users for whom a more specific region does not exist or for users who do not wish to be a part of their designated region. It has never had an ML, and is a typically inactive regional board. Some examples of users who truly belong in this region are: Users living in Antarctica (which has happened), Midway Islands, New Caledonia, Greenland, and many other island nations. Should NaNoWriMo extend beyond the earth's atmosphere, those Wrimos would also belong in Elsewhere until they create their own regions with an ML.

Municipal Liaisons

  • Currently, the Elsewhere region does not have any municipal liaisons.


  • In 2012, the Elsewhere region wrote 8,731,638 words.

External Links