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The Saskatchewan::Elsewhere NaNoWriMo region consists of anywhere in Saskatchewan not already covered by another region.


The Elsewhere region has existed since 2011. The region is composed of those previously affiliated with Regina, Saskatoon but did not live in either of those cities, or were not affiliated with a region at all.
Here is the note sent by Fall-Apart, the first ML, announcing the creation of the Saskatchewan::Elsewhere region

Good news everybody! The folks at the mothership, NaNoWriMo.org, have decided to let us non-Saskatoon, non-Regina people have our own region for 2011!
You can check out our new regional forum, and make sure you set your home region to Canada :: Saskatchewan :: Elsewhere, so your word counts get added to our total.
We’ll continue to meet in PA, but hopefully, we can get some people from elsewhere in the province involved.


As this is a new region in 2011 there is no statistics available yet.

Municipal Liaison


  • Fall-Apart (2011-Present)


  • There are, as of yet, no past MLs

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