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The Australia::Elsewhere in Australia NaNoWriMo region consists of anywhere in Australia not already covered by another region. This means it changes each year dramatically and runs mostly online using the Regional Lounge and a chat room. In the regional lounge there are always threads organising local meet-ups, and each year there is talk of everyone meeting up next year, for a holiday/writing week together.


The Elsewhere region has existed since 2005.


  • 2010 - Elsewhere Australia wrote 9,293,880 words
  • 2009 - Elsewhere Australia wrote 8,245,706 words
  • 2008 - Elsewhere Australia wrote 5,893,478 words
  • 2007 - Elsewhere Australia wrote 3,447,148 words
  • 2006 - Elsewhere Australia wrote 2,307,423 words

Municipal Liaison


  • Keladryie (Since 2005)
    • Started the Elsewhere Australia region and hasn't left since. Often seen attempting to help in the 'Mechanics, Logistics, and Other Technical Stuff' section and is also a mentor for newer MLs.


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