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Reaching 50K

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Reaching 50,000! is a forum in the NaNo Tips and Strategies forum category on the NaNoWriMo forums. It is usually abbreviated in discussions as Reaching 50k. In this forum users share their tips and tricks for reaching their word count goal. Padding techniques are often discussed here. It is the original source for dares and is the traditional home of NaNo for the New and the Insane. Shoutouts were also posted here until 2008 when a separate forum for them was created.

Reaching 50,000 has existed as a forum since the forums came to be in 2002.

Forum Description

2003: "Tricks and techniques that will increase productivity without costing you (still more of) your sanity."

2005-present: "Everything from deep spiritual wisdom to down-and-dirty word-count tricks to help keep that book moving along towards the 50K finish line."

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