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Plot Machine

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An example Plot Machine idea from the main Script Frenzy site

The plot machine is a feature of the Script Frenzy website. It is located at the upper left hand side (formerly upper right) of the site. The machine includes three parts: an inciting incident, a character, and a plot, and it comes preloaded with an automatically generated story when the main page loads. If the user doesn't like the plot presented upon loading the page, they may click the "Go" button for a different story, which reloads the machine without reloading the entire page. The plot machine has been a figurehead of the Script Frenzy homepage since the beginning of the event to help answer the question, "What will people write about?"

The plot machine also exists on the Script Frenzy Young Writers Program homepage, but at the lower right side. The story elements are more youth-friendly in that plot machine.

A Share on Facebook button below both plot machines allows users to share the humor of the resulting plot.


After a long and protracted Twitter discussion, theanab and sushimustwrite came up with a solution to no longer being able to access the plot machine (unless you went through the WaybackMachine.)

The link below takes you to a Google doc that contains all of the different possible outcomes from the plot machine. Every time you load the page, the three boxes at the top will show you your new plot. The YWP plot machine, as well as the dares machine from the current YWP site are also there, in the tabs at the bottom!

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions. --Theanab (talk) 22:12, 17 September 2014 (UTC)


== Or view all the plot machines in one webpage.


Example stories

  • In a world where mustaches are illegal, a traveling shoe salesman swims across the Pacific Ocean.
  • After consuming a powerful laxative, a ruthless gold digger fights to take down corporate America.
  • In a world ruled by children, a flock of radioactive parrots hijacks a bus with a stowaway on board.
  • After shrinking to 1/4 of normal size, a hamster with impulse-control problems attempts to rewrite Finnish history.

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