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Pissed Off Cynic

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A Pissed Off Cynic in Nanowrimo is an irreverent Wrimo who motivates like-minded Wrimos in the Pissed off Cynics thread in the Writing Groups and Clubs forum.

Pissed off Cynics

User MattHawthorneIsAMyth started the Pissed Off Cynics thread before the start of 2011 NaNo, setting the tone for the group. He claimed to be "sick of the hyperactive kid vibe" in the forums and was looking for a group of adults with an irreverent sense of humor who were serious about writing.

The thread attracted many similar Wrimos, who defined writing as having something to say rather than time to type. The Cynics deplored the way Nanowrimo's emphasis on wordcount "turned a learning experience into an OCD joyride," and often ridiculed the Overachievers engaged in the then-popular aim to hit a million words in one month's writing. The Pissed Off Cynics thread was the Algonquin Round Table of the Nano boards, featuring savage wit and merciless criticism.

Trouble with the Cynics

The Pissed Off Cynics drew the ire of many Wrimos because of their forthright, antisocial attitides. Many humorless Wrimos felt compelled to post on the thread to lecture and harangue the Cynics. The POCs would most often reply using the benediction of über-Cynic zenken, who dispatched a bothersome foe by saying, May you die alone and in great pain.

The first Pissed Off Cynics thread was closed when the moderators became aware of personal insults being posted in the thread. A new thread was posted shortly before the close of Nano 2011 and was allowed to run through the post-Nano period. A similar thread existed during Nano 2012 and survived until the 2013 wipe without incident.