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Participant Survey

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A Participant Survey is a set of questions that seeks comments on the experience and feedback for future events.

NaNoWriMo uses participant surveys at the end of each event. The NaNoWriMo staff then use the feedback and concerns from the survey to improve next year's event. The survey usually goes out to participants within two weeks of the event's end.

NaNoWriMo sent out its first participant survey in December 2008, and it has become a tradition ever since. In addition, there are occasional other surveys from time to time, like the 2012 survey on how the critiques board should be organized.

Participants who take the participant survey are often entered to win fun prizes like gift certificates to the NaNoWriMo Store.

There is also a separate Municipal Liaison survey sent by HQ that lets regional Municipal Liaisons give feedback on the MLing experience.

While optional, some MLs send out similar participant surveys to Wrimos to collect feedback about the region's events and forum to use in the following year.