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Padding is the act of increasing one's word count or page count in ways that don't necessarily contribute to the plot, sometimes with the intention of editing that part out later. Because NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy are about quantity over quality, padding is allowed and even encouraged when a writer is not on track to finish and win. Wrimos have padded their novels as long as NaNoWriMo has existed and have gotten more creative in their padding techniques over the years.

Popular padding techniques

  • Giving a character a name containing more than one word (e.g. Mr. Ian Woon instead of Ian)
  • Very long chapter titles
  • Scenes that have little to no effect on the plot (dream sequences, flashbacks and smut scenes being the most popular)
  • Introducing a character who stutters/is deaf/speaks a foreign language
  • Singing entire songs, reading from books, or quoting Wikipedia articles
  • Avoiding contractions
  • Writing out numbers
  • Breaking the fourth wall and including long Author Notes
  • Spacing out ellipses (... becomes . . .)

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