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Overachievers in Nanowrimo are those who consistently and purposely strive for more than the 50,000 word goal.


Nanowrimo is a challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days. For most non-professional writers (and some professionals) this means banging out 1,667 words per day all month. And it can be a struggle. But, as with many challenges, there are those who take the word count as a minimum. These are the overachievers.

Every year, there are a scattered few who manage, through determination, discipline and great typing speed, to write double or more the 50,000 word goal.

Well Known Overachievers:

Lazette Gifford On the Nanowrimo forums, one of the best known overachievers is Lazette Gifford (Zette). Zette is a professional author in her own right, so has cultivated her discipline. This allows her to write copious amounts every November. In 2003, she wrote 156,345 words. In 2005, she wrote 200,000 words. In 2007, she wrote 210,575 words.

However, in spite of her amazing volume of work, she is well loved on the boards. She gives back to the community with a free ebook "Nano for the New and the Insane" that offers a wealth of valuable advice on getting the most out of every day in November.

Kateness Kate is from the Philadelphia area. She has been taking part in Nanowrimo since 2005, and consistently crosses the 100,000 word mark. In fact, her first year, she wrote 500,343 words. This, of course, led to much questioning of her honesty, but she insists that the numbers are for real. According to her blog, she writes quickly as a matter of course and has a huge competitive streak.

Other Overachievers:

In years past, there have been other overachievers (listed by forum username only):

Isila at 200,326 words in 2007 Junaberry at 118,026 words in 2005 Notanotherexit at 173,005 words in 2006 Soluna at 428,654 words in 2005 wolfboytane at 113,049 words in 2006

The Future of Overachievers:

As Nanowrimo continues to grow, the number of overachievers is likely to continue to rise. Even so, they will still only ever comprise a small percentage of the overall participants.

As of October, 2010, a new group has emerged - Milwordy. These individuals strive to write 1,000,000 words, but over the course of 12 months instead of only in November. Nanowrimo is often used as the starting point for their efforts. It is possible, however, that someone will write 1,000,000 words in November at some point. Kateness has proven that 500,000 is doable, after all.