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A newbie (also written noob or n00b) is someone who is new. While the term is widespread around the Internet at large, in the community of timed artistic challenges "newbie" has evolved to mean a first-time participant.

The Adopt a Newbie thread began at the NaNoWriMo forums in 2003 when Alethe, thinking they were making a newbie mistake, introduced the idea in the Off Topic forum[1]. This idea turned out not to be a mistake, but a popular recurring thread in NaNoWriMos and Script Frenzies to come. Veterans who adopt newbies do anything from messaging newbies through the site messaging system to contacting newbies through other means, participate in word wars, and help the newbie with plot ideas.

The concept of adopting a newbie also exists at Script Frenzy. Because there is no forum for newbies there, the thread is posted wherever the poster thinks it is best suited. The 2010 edition was posted in the Check-in Station forum[2].

The Newbies forum

The NaNoWriMo forum for newbies was created in 2004 and has remained since. It main purposes serves as a newbie-friendly place for participants to introduce themselves, befriend other NaNoWriMo participants, ask questions, and find a veteran Wrimo who will adopt them (and for returning Wrimos to adopt newbies).

Forum Description

A gentle way to start your nanowrimo experience. Come in and introduce yourself and your project. If you're a veteran, stop by and offer your oodles of encouragement. There's no such thing as a stupid question, or a stupid novel.

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