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National Novel Writing Day

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National Novel Writing Day (abbreviated NaNoWriDay) is a self-organized timed writing challenge in which participants write a novel-length work in twenty-four hours.


The event dates back to August 2006, when Wrimo necoon (current OLL intern Nora Coon) mentioned having participated in a WriDay with other Wrimos. Nora participated in a second NaNoWriDay with other Wrimos in January 2007.

How It Works

NaNoWriDay isn't an official challenge; instead, it's something people decide to do on their own. Participants set aside a 24-hour period to write (typically from midnight to midnight), choose a word count goal, and write. Some shoot for 50,000 words; the first challenge was to write 40,000 words.

For a 50k challenge, caffeine and fast fingers are vital to success. Assuming that no breaks are taken, a minimum of 2,084 words/hour would have to be written. If one sleeps during the challenge, it goes up to 3,125, which requires a consistent speed of over 50wpm for a solid period of 16 hours.

Similar challenges

During 2011, some overachievers are doing a 50k day (similar to 50k Weekend and with many of the same participants) on November 1st. The Twitter hashtag #50kday is used to track successes and commiserations on Twitter.