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Nano Faces

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An example of the chart generated by Nano Faces.

Nano Faces is a tool developed by Naperville NewMexicoKid. It is a customizable wordcount scoreboard that makes use of the Word Count API to generate automatically-updating charts and lists during November.

Nano Faces is primarily used to generate region-specific charts, but any custom group, such as MLs or members of a genre forum can also be made. Charts are strictly opt-in; one can opt into a specific chart by posting in the designated thread for that chart. The Faces tool automatically grabs all people who post in the thread and generates its chart and lists based on that. A scoreboard, as well as the eponymous Faces list (showing basic information on each participant) is also generated. The scoreboard shows each word count as well as dividing the chart based on those who have won, are ahead of pace, are on pace, and are behind pace.

In 2015, after NaNoWriMo added the lifetime wordcount stat to profiles, Faces gained an additional tab for an additional scoreboard by lifetime counts.