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NaNo University

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NaNo University was a program launched by NaNoWriMo in September 2010 for college and university students and for instructors teaching at that level. Over the years, more and more students have done NaNo for the first time at the university level or have continued doing NaNo in university after participating in high school. The NaNoWriMo team recognized this and created special resources for students giving advice on how to get through the month while juggling school, along with tips on creating a NaNoWriMo club and getting funding for said club. NaNo University also provides advice for instructors such as how to organize the course, writing the syllabus, and handouts. The staff also provided more resources, such as flyers, certificates, and a fact sheet for convincing the higher powers that a NaNoWriMo course needs to exist.

Beginning in 2010 university students and instructors had their own forums to share their experiences. Instructors teaching NaNoWriMo in K-12 classrooms are encouraged to use the Young Writers Program resources, while students in K-12 classrooms and writers under 13 should participate in YWP; however, writers 13 and over can participate on the main NaNoWriMo site. These forums are moderated by Heather Dudley and a NaNoWriMo intern coordinating the program (Nora Coon in 2010, Paige Knorr in 2011, and Andrea Ellickson in 2012).

In 2013 NaNo University focused on university students before being combined with Come Write In after 2013. The NaNo University forum for students has remained active since then.

NaNo University: Students forum

Forum Description

"Participating in NaNoWriMo and going to college or university at the same time? This forum is for college and university students to talk, mingle, and commiserate." (2010-2014)

"College life presents its own challenges to the active novelist. Find tips and tricks for surviving lectures while meeting your word count." (2015)

After 2012, this forum was renamed to "NaNo University" and does not reference the official program.

Topics and Threads

  • Note: region-specific threads belong in the appropriate Regional Lounge, not in the University forum
  • Threads for individual majors and programs, along with year of university (first-year, sophomore...)
  • A thread for finding writing buddies




NaNo University: Instructors forum

Forum description

Teaching a college, university, or community education class on NaNoWriMo? This forum's for you to share advice, lesson plans, strategies, and anything else related to teaching NaNoWriMo to the post-secondary crowd. (2010-2012)


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