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NaNoPlanMo was a challenge run by NaNoWriMo User Olafstar on the NaNoWriMo Forums, during the months of September and October of 2012. The goal was to spend 30 hours planning your NaNo Novel between September 1 and October 27, inclusive, going by CST for when to begin and end. The challenge saw 77 participants and a 21% win rate, nearly double the NaNoWriMo 2012 win rate! The highest count was 43 hours, the lowest was 38 minutes. Only those who officially logged at least one minute on the event's topic, first located in Life After NaNoWriMo and later in All-Ages Coffee House, were considered participants, and only those who logged 30 hours by the deadline were considered Winners.

Olafstar, with his efforts to relaunch script frenzy (planned for 2014) put on hold due to inactivity-related site deletions, inactivity in the SF forum on the NaNo Site, and incoporation of scripts into campnanowrimo, will be bringing NaNoPlanMo back in 2013, complete with its own website and forums.