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[[Category:NaNoWriMo website]]
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NaNoMail is the NaNoWriMo website's term for private messages. Wrimos have the option of contacting each other via NaNoMail in much the same way that one would use an email program, although users will not receive an email notification of a PM unless they choose to do so (they may also choose to have the NaNo site alert them of unread NaNoMail when they visit the forums).


NaNoMail has many uses. Common ones include:

  • adoptables
  • commenting on/complimenting another writer's synopsis or excerpt
  • coordinating word wars
  • sharing helpful websites
  • sharing writing for critique/feedback purposes
  • commiserating
  • offering support/encouragement
  • general, writing-related conversation
  • general, non-writing related conversation

In Script Frenzy

In Script Frenzy the private message system is called FrenzyMail. It shares all of the same features of NaNoMail except the name.