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Music crawl

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It's June 21st and it's National Music Day!

Shuffle your playlist and write for the duration of the next two songs as you walk to school

You arrive at school but accidentally drop your headphones, sprint to 200 words while you retrieve them and try and untangle them

Finally you're in school, music is playing in the speakers and your favourite song comes on, sprint quickly for 5 minutes until this song ends

You enter your first class, English, and put your headphones in, sprint for the duration of the next song

In your next class, which is History, you have to do a really long assessment so your teacher puts on some 1 hour long relaxing music, sprint to 1000 words while you do your assessment

At lunch, a band is playing, write 300 words at your own pace as you join in.

It's the end of the day and you're getting to leave. When you realise you've forgotten your headphones, generate a random number between 100-500 and sprint to whatever number you got while you dash into the school and find your headphones.