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Mr. Ian Woon

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Mr. Ian Woon as illustrated on a NaNoWriMo trading card.

Mr. Ian Woon is an anagram of NaNoWriMo. Over the years Wrimos have included him as a character in their novels as a tribute to NaNo and as an inside joke. Mr. Ian Woon has rarely gone by Ian, partially because Mr. Ian Woon is the full anagram and partially because "Mr. Ian Woon" adds two more words to the Wrimo's word count than "Ian" alone.

The origins of Mr. Ian Woon are unknown, but he appeared on the NaNoWriMo forums as a familiar term in 2003. He likely predates that NaNoWriMo season.

Mr. Ian Woon appeared as one of five trading cards during the 2012 Summer Fundraising Drive.

If Mr. Ian Woon doesn't fit in your novel, he has many other anagrammy friends who may fit. A partial list of them appears below.

Other anagrams of NaNoWriMo

  • Ian Monrow
  • Ian M Woron
  • Ian Wornom
  • Noa W Morin
  • Mia Wonnor
  • Mona Winro
  • Mona Rowin
  • Mona W Iron
  • Mina Wroin
  • Mina Ornow
  • Mira Onnow
  • Mori Nowan
  • Nami Norow
  • Naomi Worn
  • Naomi Rown
  • Omi Narwon
  • Owina Morn
  • Omar Wonin
  • Ramon Owin
  • Rowan Nimo
  • Rowan Omni
  • Rowina Mon
  • Marion Won
  • Raimo Wonn
  • Rani Wonom
  • Rina Nomwo
  • Rian Monow
  • Rian W Moon
  • Rain M Woon
  • Warin Moon
  • Arwin Moon
  • Arin W Moon
  • Arni Wonom
  • Marin N Woo
  • Nirma N Woo
  • Norma Owin
  • Norm Owani
  • Norman Iwo
  • Nora Minow
  • Nona Wimor
  • Ann W Moori
  • Ann W Omir
  • Ani Rowmon/ Mownor
  • Marni Woon
  • Ron Waimon
  • Ron Minamo
  • Rin Manowo
  • Mr Wononai
  • Wrom Ionan
  • Rawnimoon
  • Ironwoman
  • Ian W. Moron
  • Wian Moron
  • Niaw Moron
  • Nia W. Moron
  • Wina Moron
  • Wani Moron
  • Win A. Moron
  • Wan I. Moron
  • Nina W. Moor
  • Oro Niwman
  • Nio Warmon
  • Norman Owi
  • Roman Owin
  • Roman Nowi

(Thanks to peppersweet, Generalist, and Elizabeth_Sabourin at the NaNoWriMo 2009 forums for compiling this list.)

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