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Mini Sparta

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Mini Sparta originated just over a month before NaNoWriMo 2010, as a small Skype chat for teenage Wrimos. Members range often from the ages of 13, our current 'baby' Allie (dubbed Candy), to 26, our current 'senior citizen' Ransom (dubbed Gray).

History of Mini-Sparta

Mini Sparta has a long and rich history of epic insanity. It all began when a bunch of teen Wrimos got together on a group Skype chat. As it turns out, the number of chat members is directly proportional and highly correlated with the level of insanity. Nicknames were given, a love triangle was formed and later replaced by a love diamond, a cult was begun, cage matches to the pain were held (and nearly became to the death), and NaNoWriMo was hardly ever mentioned. (Excerpt from official Mini-Spartan website)

Over November 2010, people not only got down to write their NaNo, but also filled Mini-Sparta with newbies and plans to become a bigger project. The maps and website dedicated to Mini-Sparta were all formed over this time. We established word wars, a debate room, and began adventuring--cage matches to the pain were held as well as voyages across Mini-Sparta and battles with evil twins.

Mini-Sparta as a physical world

Mini Sparta was first imagined by its founding members as a diamond-shaped country, split into ownership by the four Love Diamond members--Chile Ninja, Annabel Hypotenuse, Prince Shadari AKA Betty, and Princess Vienna Charlie.

Over time, obviously, Mini Sparta involved into many divisions of islands and worlds, each serving a purpose.

Divisions Mini Sparta - TO WRITE. Olden and New Mini-Sparta are both dedicated to writing novels, specifically during National Novel Writing Month. Opened in September 2010, New Mini-Sparta opened in December 2010.
Mini Argos - TO READ. Mini Argos was founded over the summer of 2011 so that we could listen to Chile Ninja read us Harry Potter.
Mini Athens - TO SCRIPT. Developed for Script Frenzy, Mini Athens was opened in March of 2011. And in came the second generation of Spartans.
Mini Olympus - TO WATCH. Mini Olympus is made up of Joss Whedon fans who often gather to watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and other Whedon works.
Mini Spartan Debate Room - Regarding an outpouring of debates in Mini-Sparta over the winter of 2010, a debate room was opened and shut soon after due to lack of use.
Mini Minoan Crete, now Mini Alexandria - TO DO THE CRAZY. Dodger's Isle of Mini Minoan Crete's purpose is to do the crazy things.
Mini Tenochtitlan - TO REHASH THE CRAZY. Mini Tenochtitlan was opened fall of 2011, just before the third generation rolled in, as a reminiscing place for old Spartans, and occasionally just a quieter chatroom to be in.
Mini Ionian Islands - Nobody knows yet. Possibly for voice chatting if we so wish.


Members of Mini-Sparta

Members of Mini-Sparta are often eccentric, procrastinating, and outspoken--in the chat, at least. There are many members, in fact, the group is nearing their centennial friend.

G1 Spartans - First Spartans to join, back in October/November 2010.
G1.5 Spartans - Anyone who joined between NaNoWriMo 2010 and Screnzy 2011.
G2 Spartans - First generation Athenians.
G2.5 Spartans - Anyone who joined between Screnzy 2011 and NaNo 2011.
G3 Spartans - The newbies of NaNo, anyone who joined during October/November 2011!

Titles and Dubs
When first joining the group, most newbies will be dubbed within the next few days. This essentially means we give you a nickname, occasionally a ritual, and also squee and freak out and love you.
Examples of dubs: Llama, Candy, Hypotenuse, or Brandy Giles--often, British Spartans will recieve Buffy-related names.
Further, you can come up with your own title or prefix of sorts regarding a social station or powers--in example, the girl dubbed Llama extended her name to Lady Llamalee, Keeper of Colorful Animals.
Some titles, such as Baby, or Senior Citizen can be moved from person to person as well.

Chain of Command
The chain of command was a system established pre-NaNo 2011 in order to keep some control over the wacky chatroom.
Love Diamond - Chile Ninja as current head of Mini Sparta, Betty as previous head of Mini Sparta, Annabel Hypotenuse as current head of Mini Athens, and Princess Vienna Charlie, cult leader.
G1 Spartans who stuck around - Lia, Dodger, Skel, Erin, Yuna.
G2 Spartans who stuck around - Coon, Fish, Llama.
G2.5 Spartans - Kellen/Alicorn, VancoNick.
G1 Spartans who returned for NaNo 2011 - Father Nick of the Church of Fuckwits, Jake Giles, Demose, Bandorm, and so on.
G2 Spartans - Green Lantern, Say(what)lene, and so on.
G3 Spartans - In order of appearance. Expected to be re-arranged in order of who remains post-NaNo. Brownie/aking, Goblin Scribbles, Ash/Sir Berry Teahouse, Caitlin Vincible, Jazzi, Spark of Sherlock and Spark of Watson, Luko the Attack Duck, Allie/Candy, and so on.

Joining Mini-Sparta

A Very Mini-Spartan Story

A Very Mini-Spartan Story, written by Nicole Thompson and Lia Sadako, is a novelisation of many adventures and crazy times that have filled the history of Mini-Sparta. While the ending is fictional, no characters are, and many chapters and scenes are lifted from the chat and put into script form.