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Mattkinsi facts

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Mattkinsi is moist and delicious. -The only thing you need to know about Mattkinsi

Mattkinsi facts are legendary bits of trivia about Mattkinsi, one of the former Atlanta Municipal Liaisons. Modeled after Chuck Norris facts, the facts began in #nanolanta, the Atlanta regional chat room, in November 2010 when User:Sushimustwrite proposed the existence of mattkinsi facts. The Wrimos in the chat room took off with this idea. Later that night, a thread appeared in the Atlanta Regional Lounge asking NaNoLantans to add their own Mattkinsi facts.

A few days later, #nanolanta discovered another Mattkinsi fact: that he is moist and delicious. Real evidence of this is yet to be discovered but is accepted as truth. There is also a movement to lick Mattkinsi to test this. The Twitter hashtag #lickmattkinsi chronicles the promotion of this movement. Even Timmy, a bot in some of the NaNo regional chat rooms, knows this [1].

Known Mattkinsi facts

  • He's killed so many mc's that the government is trying to hire him as a rl hit man (tessalee)
  • His muse is so dark it puts out lights. (sushimustwrite)
  • Mattkinsi doesn't need plot. Plot wishes it needed him. (tiakall)
  • MattKinsi writes multiple words at a time. (sushimustwrite)
  • He needs TWO keyboards. (been_writing)
  • Dividing MattKinsi by zero results in the second coming. (tessalee)
  • Dividing Matt by zero results in ComplexInfinity. (lifebaka)
  • Dividing MattKinsi by zero means rocks fall and everyone dies. (tiakall)
  • Dividing MattKinsi by zero kills everyone in your novel. (sushimustwrite)
  • Mattkinsi doesn't make typos. They're just words the rest of the universe fails to understand. (tiakall)
  • MattKinsi doesn't use IcyHot to soothe his wrists. He uses it to grease his joints and type even faster. (sushimustwrite)
  • Baby pandas aren't born, they're made by MattKinsi's rapid typing. (tessalee)
  • Be careful when you enter the Nanolanta chatroom. Mattkinsi is ALWAYS watching. (tiakall)
  • When MattKinsi plays Santa, he gives you only one option: write, or his jolly foot up your ass. (tessalee)
  • Water your grass with the blood of Mattkinsi's dead MCs. If the grass takes after his MCs, it'll cut itself for the rest of its life! On second thought...if your grass takes after his MCs, you'll have to replant before the end of the month. (quintopia)
  • MattKinsi doesn't search for power outlets, they search for him. (mattkinsi)
  • MattKinsi doesn't NEED power outlets. He radiates electricity through his lightning-fast typing. (hayleynyc)
  • Mattkinsi is so great you can't ask him how he's doing, you have to stalk him through the internet. (Annalia)
  • When the Angry God Panda rages, the tremors run from Fayetteville to Gainesville. (tiakall)
  • MattKinsi doesn't fear the traveling shovel of death, the traveling shovel of death fears HIM. (Klepto von Umbre)
  • As we speak, Mattkinsi is working on incorporating a scene into his novel involving the TSoD and a tow-truck driver. (doolie)
  • There's no such thing as inspiration, just times mattkinsi plants your hands to your keyboard. (sushimustwrite)
  • NaNoWriMo doesn't validate MattKinsi's word count; MattKinsi's word count validates NaNoWriMo. (year_seven)
  • MattKinsi is above dictionary definitions -- he bends words to his will. (lifebaka, contributed from #nanolanta)
  • Mattkinsi puts the "write" in "write in". (tiakall)
  • Mattkinsi is moist and delicious. (annalia)
  • Licking MattKinsi increases your typing speed. (hype)
  • The Force isn't strong in MattKinsi, he IS the Force. (Klepto von Umbre)
  • We should all aspire to be typo-ridden monstrosities like MattKinsi. (tiakall)
  • Mattkinsi once wrote an epic novel in with two hands tied behind his back. You may know it as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. (MillinerJones)
  • Mattkinsi once took all the dead MC and wrote a zombie novel just so he could kill them again. (MillinerJones)
  • Alice once fell into Mattkinsi's 2010 Nano "Wonderland", where she saw the sad tea party, the peer pressure cat, and the queen of broken hearts. She then got eaten by a jabberwocky. (MillinerJones)
  • Mattkinsi wrote the screenplay for the movie Inception. IN HIS DREAMS. (MillinerJones)

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