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Luddite clause

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The Luddite clause is the verification method of choice for those who are unable to verify in the traditional way. Handwriters are the primary target of the Luddite clause, but others can use this clause as well. The primary non-handwriters are those who lost their work in the middle of the month and choose not to rewrite from the beginning or those who are writing in non-Latin characters, as the validator is unable to validate non-Latin characters.

To use the Luddite clause, a Wrimo must have a third party verify that they have written at least 50,000 words (or 100 pages in the case of Script Frenzy). Then the prospective winner uploads 50,000 words from a lorem ipsum generator to the word count validator in order to win. In the case of Script Frenzy, the writer uploads a 100-page .pdf file containing whatever they wish.

The Luddite clause has existed as long as Wrimos have handwritten their novels. The name of the clause is a humorous reference to the handwriters' resistance to using modern technologies to write their works.