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List of writing software

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There are many ways to write your novel. If you're looking for a new program to write in, you might find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices.

Wrimos discuss their writing programs of choice in the NaNo Technology forum.

Distraction-free editors

  • Dark Room (Windows, Free): Dark Room is a full-screen writing environment for Windows. It's a clone of WriteRoom for Mac.
  • FocusWriter (Windows/Mac/Linux, free): FocusWriter is a full-screen eidtor designed to immerse you in your writing. It automatically reopens the last file you had open to reinforce this notion. Other features include live statistics, daily goals, and customizable themes.
  • Q10 (Windows, Free): A full-screen editor that makes typewriter noises. Features customizable look and page count formula, a timer for Word wars, and a target count. Q10 is portable.
  • WriteMonkey (Windows, Free): A full-screen editor described as zenware. Includes advanced statistics and customizing features, typing sounds and a timer. WriteMonkey is portable.
  • WriteRoom (Mac, free, $24.99 for full version): WriteRoom is a full-screen editor for Mac that specializes in getting the words down. It features full syncing between computers and has spawned several clones.

Text editors

Word processors


Online programs