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List of NaNoVideo episodes

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This page contains a list of NaNoVideo episodes by date.

2009 Episodes

  1. "NaNoVideo Welcome": Featuring a tour of the OLL headquarters and introductions of the staff members, including their duties, favorite animals, and plot ideas. (Uploaded to Viddler October 2, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 15, 2009 as "Meet the office!")
  2. "NaNo Planning Tips for October": Chris Baty gives pre-NaNo planning tips for busy Wrimos. (Uploaded to Viddler October 8, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 15, 2009 as "October Planning Tips")
  3. "Write-a-thon": Lindsey Grant and Tavia Stewart-Streit give the top five reasons why you should attend the Night of Writing Dangerously while wearing snazzy hats. (Uploaded to Viddler October 12, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 15, 2009 as "Come write dangerously!")
  4. "Email Ambassador answers your FAQs": Drew Patty answers emails that Wrimos have sent in as read by Lindsey Grant. Lindsey tries not to laugh. (Uploaded to Viddler October 16, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 18, 2009 as "The Email Ambassador Speaks!")
  5. "NaNo Donor Shout Out!": Chris B. thanks OLL donors and gives shoutouts to two donors who have donated $500 or more, complete with special shoutout music. (Uploaded to Viddler October 19, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 19, 2009 as "Thank you, Donors!")
  6. "Young Writers Program": Tavia reads from the Young Writers Program manifesto, complete with special music. (Uploaded to Viddler October 22, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 22, 2009 as "Young Writers Program Manifesto!")
  7. "Joining a NaNoWriMo region": Lindsey wears a mustache and explains how to join a regional lounge for Wrimo Jones Sr. (Uploaded to Viddler October 27, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 28, 2009 as "Joining a NaNo Region".)
  8. "The Starting Line!": Chris B. provides four tips for week one of NaNoWriMo. (Uploaded to Viddler October 30, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 30, 2009 as "The Starting Line".)
  9. "Donor Shoutouts 2": Chris B. wears a suit and gives two more donor shoutouts. (Uploaded to Viddler November 3, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 4, 2009 as "More donor shout-outs!")
  10. "First Weekend NaNo Pledge": Chris B. and his sword-carrying Ewok vow to reach 15,000 words by the following Monday. (Uploaded to Viddler November 6, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 6, 2009 as "Weekend pledge!")
  11. "Tavia's Dares": Tavia provides some dares to increase word count. (Uploaded to Viddler November 6, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 10, 2009 as "Week Two dares!")
  12. "Weekend Writing Tips": Lindsey and the Chris Baty doll give some tips for getting unstuck while Tavia lurks in the background. (Uploaded to Viddler November 13, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 13, 2009 as "Weekend Writing Tips".)
  13. "NaNoWriMo Week Three Tips": Chris B. delivers three tips for week three. (Uploaded to Viddler November 16, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 16, 2009 as "Week Three Tips".)
  14. "Tavia's Dares - Part II": Tavia delivers three more dares. (Uploaded to Viddler November 18, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 20, 2009 as "More Dares from Tavia!")
  15. "Tips for NaNoWriMo Week Four": Chris B. provides four tips for week four. (Uploaded to Viddler November 24, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 24, 2009 as "Week Four tips!")
  16. "How to validate and win": Lindsey explains how to validate your novel and win NaNoWriMo. She uses Wrimo Jones Sr. as an example again. (Uploaded to Viddler November 25, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 26, 2009 as "Validating and winning!")
  17. "Lindsey's Word Count Boosters": Lindsey and the Chris Baty doll provide some last-minute word count boosters. (Uploaded to Viddler November 25, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo November 29, 2009 as "Word boosters!")
  18. "Final Hours": A shot of the writers at the Night of Writing Dangerously giving advice to novelists in the final hours. Has the official NaNoVideo theme music but isn't in the NaNoVideo episode list on the site. (Uploaded to Viddler November 25, 2009. Mentioned in a NaNoWriMo Breaking News post on November 30, 2009.)
  19. "More Donor Shout-outs!": Chris delivers five more donor shoutouts. (Uploaded to Viddler December 2, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo December 3, 2009 as "Word boosters!")
  20. "CreateSpace and Scrivener Offers for NaNo Winners": Chris B. explains to NaNo winners how to collect the CreateSpace and Scrivener codes from the "I Wrote a Novel, Now What?" page. (Uploaded to Viddler December 4, 2009. Posted to NaNoWriMo December 7, 2009 as "CreateSpace and Scrivener Codes for NaNo Winners!")
  21. "NaNoVideo Bloopers": Bloopers filmed while making NaNoVideo. (Uploaded to Viddler January 4, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo January 5, 2010 as "Bloopers, Outtakes, and Wisely Deleted Scenes".)
  22. "Springtime Donor Shout-Outs!": Chris B. delivers some springtime donor shoutouts, including a shoutout to bacon. (Uploaded to Viddler March 23, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo March 24, 2010.)

2010 Episodes

  1. "Meet the NaNoWriMo Team!": The OLL team members introduce themselves and compare themselves to various materials. (Uploaded to Viddler September 30, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo September 30, 2010.)
  2. "NaNoWriMo's Young Writers Program": Chris Angotti discusses the Norton anthology and how he prefers works that are more personal--namely works written by writers in the Young Writers Program. (Uploaded October 12, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo as "NaNoWriMo's YWP" on October 12, 2010.)
  3. "Come Write In!": Lindsey and Nancy Smith discuss the Come Write In! program. (Uploaded October 20, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 20, 2010.)
  4. "We need your used books!": Chris B. encourages users to get involved in the Great NaNoWriMo Book Drive, citing owning too many books as a fire hazard. (Uploaded October 25, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 25, 2010.
  5. "Get fit for noveling!": Lindsey, Chris A., and intern Nora Coon get fit for noveling. Regular exercising doesn't turn out so well, so they stick to what they're good at. (Uploaded October 28, 2010. Posted to NaNoWriMo October 28, 2010.)
  6. "Welcome to NaNoWriMo 2010!": Lindsey welcomes participants to NaNoWriMo and November. (Uploaded November 1, 2010.)
  7. "Donation Derby at the Zoo": Lindsey discusses the Donation Derby at the Oakland Zoo with the animals used to symbolize the teams. (Uploaded November 3, 2010.)
  8. "Tavia Dares You": Tavia provides the first dares of 2010 to help increase word count and inspiration. (Uploaded November 5, 2010.)
  9. "Silencing Your Inner Editor": Lindsey welcomes participants to Week Two and discusses silencing the inner editor with her own inner editor, a shark puppet named Tark. (Uploaded November 8, 2010.)
  10. "Coming to Your Region Soon...": Nancy shows Wrimos how to add and home oneself to a region. (Uploaded November 12, 2010.)
  11. "We're Halfway There!": Lindsey encourages Wrimos who are thinking of quitting by visualizing the victory. (Uploaded November 15, 2010.)
  12. "Donation Day Teaser": A nine-second teaser for Donation Day. (Uploaded November 16, 2010.)
  13. "Thank You, MLs!": The NaNoWriMo staff thank the volunteer Municipal Liaisons. (Uploaded November 19, 2010.)
  14. "Tavia Dares You Again!": Tavia provides more dares for inspiration. (Uploaded November 22, 2010.)
  15. "We Can Do It!": Lindsey shows off all the things that are waiting for winners over there. (Uploaded November 27, 2010.)
  16. "Shout outs & Outtakes": Chris B. delivers donor shoutouts, followed by video bloopers during this NaNoWriMo season. (Uploaded December 8, 2010.)
  17. "Happy Holidays from OLL": Lindsey, the tiny Chris Baty doll, and Blobby wish Wrimos a happy holiday season. (Uploaded December 17, 2010.)
  18. "Chris shouts 'em out": Chris B. delivers more donor shoutouts. (Uploaded January 21, 2011.)
  19. "Novelists! Come join the Frenzy!": Chris B. shares information about Script Frenzy. (Uploaded March 4, 2011.)
  20. "Ready? Set... Revise!": Lindsey talks revision and eating her manuscript while sharing info on the Now What? forums. (Uploaded May 2, 2011.)
  21. "Camp NaNoWriMo Orientation": Lindsey, Chris A., and Tupelo talks about Camp NaNoWriMo and encourages Wrimos to donate. (Uploaded May 25, 2011.)
  22. "Amazing YWP Talent!": A montage of Young Writers Program participants sharing their novels. (Uploaded May 31, 2011.)
  23. "A Guts-y Thank You!": The NaNoWriMo staff (and Blobby) thank Wrimos for the many donations to the Camp and Guts Drive. (Uploaded June 7, 2011.)
  24. "Camp awaits you!": Lindsey discusses getting ready for the first Camp NaNoWriMo. (Uploaded June 29, 2011.)

While not an official NaNoVideo episode, former intern Sarah Mackey performed a video tour of the new office after the Office of Letters and Light moved to a new location in Berkeley. This video was uploaded to Viddler in May 2010 and posted on the NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy sites.

2011 Episodes

  1. "What's In The Kit?": Chris A. shows off the contents of the Young Writers Program classroom kits. (Uploaded September 22, 2011.)
  2. "Welcome to NaNoWriMo HQ!": Lindsey Grant gives a tour of the office and introduces the staff. (Uploaded October 7, 2011.)
  3. "Warehouse Welcome": Tavia Stewart gives a tour of the Nano merchandise shipping warehouse. (Uploaded October 20, 2011.)
  4. "Hello, November!": Lindsey spells out a map to the month of November. (Uploaded October 28, 2011.)
  5. "What is the Office of Letters and Light?": Chris B. explains what the Office of Letters and Light is. (Uploaded October 31, 2011.)
  6. "Sarah's Week One Tips": Sarah gives several tips for making it through Week One. (Uploaded November 2, 2011.)
  7. "Chris Baty Weighs In On Week One": Chris B. weighs on week one and asks for advice from Wrimos. (Uploaded November 3, 2011.)
  8. "Back up your novel!": Plastic shark toys promote backing up NaNoWriMo novels for Back Up Your Novel Day. (Uploaded November 7, 2011.)
  9. "Ari Goes Guerilla": NaNo intern Ari eats on camera, discusses her novel, and talks about guerilla noveling tactics. (Uploaded November 8, 2011.)
  10. "Tavia Dares You!" Tavia delivers her first dares of the season. (Uploaded November 9, 2011.)
  11. "No Plot is a Problem for Heather": Heather brags about her daughter's YWP progress while discussing her own lack of plot (and being word count beaten by a kindergartener). (Uploaded November 10, 2011.)
  12. "Sequester Yourself!": Chris A. congratulates everyone on making it past Week Two and talks about the merits of sequestering oneself while writing. (Uploaded November 11, 2011.)
  13. "Check in with Chris A. and his Muse Moose": Chris A. and his muse moose ask Wrimos where to take his novel next. (Uploaded November 14, 2011.)
  14. "Happy Donation Day!": Lindsey introduces Donation Day and encourages Wrimos to donate. (Uploaded November 15, 2011.)
  15. "Down With Distractions!": Sarah discusses the many distractions that come up in November and how to slay them. (Uploaded November 18, 2011.)
  16. "We Appreciate You, MLs!": The NaNoWriMo staff (and Blobby) thank the many volunteer MLs around the world. (Uploaded November 22, 2011.)
  17. "Evading the Inner Editor": Lindsey evades her inner editor. (Uploaded November 23, 2011.)
  18. "Paige Wins!": Paige wins NaNoWriMo and encourages Wrimos to keep going. (Uploaded November 28, 2011.)
  19. "The Final Countdown": Chris A. rocks out and seeks writing and celebratory music recommendations from Wrimos. (Uploaded November 30, 2011.)
  20. "NaNo reflections from Chris": Chris B. reflects on his NaNoWriMo experience and victory. (Uploaded November 30, 2011.)
  21. "The First Non-NaNo Weekend": Lindsey celebrates the first non-NaNo weekend. (Uploaded December 2, 2011.)
  22. "NaNoVideo Outtakes": Bloopers, outtakes, and more from the 2011 NaNoWriMo staff. (Uploaded December 9, 2011.)
  23. "The OLL Holiday Couch of Relaxation": The NaNoWriMo staff wish Wrimos a happy holiday (and relaxing) season. (Uploaded December 20, 2011.)
  24. "Frenzy formatting in action!": Lindsey talks about the upcoming Script Frenzy and how script formatting differs from novel writing. (Uploaded March 19, 2012.)
  25. "Camp NaNoWriMo is coming!": Lindsey, Grant, and Chris A. discuss Camp NaNoWriMo. (Uploaded May 7, 2012.)
  26. "Did You Know...?": The NaNoWriMo staff present some trivia about Camp NaNoWriMo. (Uploaded May 24, 2012.)
  27. "Golden Mustache": The NaNoWriMo staff celebrate the first golden mustache during the 2012 Summer Fundraising Drive. (Uploaded July 25, 2012.)
  28. "Donor Drive Thank You Video": The NaNoWriMo staff (and a canine friend) thank Wrimos for their donations during the summer fundraising drive. (Uploaded August 1, 2012.)

2012 Episodes

  1. "Zombiepocolypse! And merch.": The NaNoWriMo staff show off the 2012 merchandise and ward off the zombiepocalypse. (Uploaded September 26, 2012.)
  2. "Lucky Season 13": The NaNoWriMo staff discuss the noveling month ahead while showing off the website's features. (Uploaded October 10, 2012.)
  3. "NaNoWriMo in the Wild!": Sarah and her cat Weasley discuss the Come Write In program. (Uploaded October 15, 2012.)
  4. "Donate Maybe": Tim sings about NaNoWriMo and the Get Sponsored program to the tune of "Call Me Maybe". (Uploaded October 24, 2012.)
  5. "Wrimos of the NaNoLandscape": The NaNoWriMo staff play roles of different types of Wrimos. (Uploaded October 30, 2012.)
  6. "30 Covers, 30 Days 2012": Ari explains 30 Covers, 30 Days. (Uploaded November 5, 2012.)
  7. "When you're not the life of the party...": Grant ditches a party to work on his novel. (Uploaded November 9, 2012.)
  8. "The Dragon's Claw of Mediocrity": Chris A. asks for advice as a first-time fantasy novelist. (Uploaded November 12, 2012.)
  9. "Doing the 'Thank you, Donors!' Dance": The NaNoWriMo staff do the Thank You, Donors dance. (Uploaded November 15, 2012.)
  10. "We <3 our Municipal Liaisons!": The NaNoWriMo staff (and a baby wizard who can only summon teddy bears) send their thanks to MLs. (Uploaded November 16, 2012.)
  11. "Tavia Dares You: Part 1": Tavia delivers the first dares of the 2012 season. (Uploaded November 16, 2012.)
  12. "Maximizing Minimal Noveling Time": Sarah talks about making the best of minimal noveling time over Thanksgiving. (Uploaded November 20, 2012.)
  13. "Tavia Dares You: Part 2": Tavia delivers her second set of dares for the 2012 season. (Uploaded Novmeber 26, 2012.)
  14. "A Homestretch Perspective": Grant shares some thoughts on his noveling progress and shares tips to finish a NaNo novel. (Uploaded November 29, 2012.)
  15. "Now that NaNo is over..." The NaNoWriMo staff discuss their post-NaNoWriMo plans. (Uploaded December 4, 2012.)