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Jennifer Arzt

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Jennifer Arzt was the Script Frenzy program director from 2008 to 2010. She holds an MFA degree in Film, Television, and Recording Arts.

After writing her first full-length screenplay during Script Frenzy 2007[1], she ran into the OLL staff and asked what she could do to help them out. OLL happened to be looking for a Script Frenzy program director, so she applied, interviewed, and joined the Office of Letters and Light before Script Frenzy 2008[1].

Jennifer helped form some of Script Frenzy's current rules. During her first year as program director, the Script Frenzy team moved the event from June to April and changed the goal from 20,000 words to 100 pages to fit more closely to script standards and to be further away from the deadlines for some major scriptwriting competitions. The event's scope also expanded to include all scripts, not just screenplays and stage plays. All of these remain true to this day.

When she wasn't directing Script Frenzy, Jennifer was working on a feature film[2]. Her films have appeared in festivals all over the country, and she is a winner of the Directors Guild of America Student Film Award. She also directed and produced NaNoVideo in 2009.

On December 2, 2010 Jennifer Arzt announced she was stepping down as the director of Script Frenzy to direct her script which she wrote in 2008. Sandra Salas replaced her as program director.


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