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I Wrote a Novel, Now What?

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I Wrote a Novel, Now What? is a section with suggestions for what to do after you have finished NaNoWriMo.

Dating back to at least 2008, it included links to editing and publishing resources, as well as advice from pep talk authors and OLL staff. It also highlights the opening of the December and Beyond forums.

In 2013, the OLL expanded their "I Wrote a Novel, Now What?" page to the "Now What?" landing page for a new informal event. Run during January and February 2013, the inaugural "Now What?" event featured multiple pep talks, and advice on the OLL blog from editors, literary agents, and published authors. OLL also conducted a pair of webinars that could be attended for a donation: one in January with the Book Doctors, and one in February with published authors Hugh Howey and Sarah Cannon. Chats were also hosted over Twitter to discuss the revision process. The previous resources and forums were also present.

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