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Historical Fiction

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Historical Fiction is a genre of fiction focusing on made-up events set in a real time period (usually prior to 1970).


Historical Fiction is a forum for the history fiction buffs.

Forum Description

"Taking a trip through time without the benefit of a time machine? Writing alt-history about Napoleon’s underpants? Come here to pick other historical fiction writers’ brains about how to dress your nineteenth century cowboy, or house your prehistoric explorer!" (2015)
"Grappling with the realities of 17th century kitchen technology? Need help making realistic dialogue for your pre-Columbian youth? Settle in for chats with your fellow novelists who are doing the time warp." (???-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Sub-genres include: Historical romance (metahistorical romance), historical whodunnit, Holocaust novel, plantation tradition, prehistoric fiction, Regency novel


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Former Moderators

  • JupiterStar

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