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The genre lounges are a part of the NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy forums that allow writers to gather with other novelists and scriptwriters of their genre.

When the NaNoWriMo forums were created in 2002 only one genre lounge existed, called "Me And My Genre". In 2003 genres were separated for the first time. The literary fiction, young adult, and mystery forums were formed and remain mostly unchanged to this day, as well as the forum for other genres. Spiritual and new age fiction also remains mostly unchanged, though novels that fall under the religious umbrella have been added to this forum. Fantasy, science fiction, and horror were assigned to the same forum, a move that caused much debate until their separation. Romance and erotic fiction suffered much debate until their separation.

In the case of Script Frenzy, the genre lounges were born with the forums.

Lounges generally correspond to the genre drop down available in the Novel Info section of My NaNoWriMo, but there may be a disparity, as the two modules are not linked. Genre lounges are not intended to be exhaustive. New genres are rarely created, and only for the next season. It requires substantial overtaking of another genre forum before a new genre will be created.

There may be debate regarding the definition of a given genre. NaNoWriMo does not define genre for participants; rather, genre is chosen by the participants themselves. Participants may post in any forum they feel their thread fits, including genres outside of the one they have identified as their own.

Participants who are unsure of what genre their novel is may ask for other participants' help identifying the genre in the Other Genres forum, where an Identify your genre thread is stickied.

Current NaNoWriMo Genre Lounges


"Forbidding locales, extreme danger, quests, battles, smugglers, cowboys & pirates and of course ... ninjas. These are stories of challenges."
Sub-genres include: Epic, Imaginary voyage, Lost World, Men's adventure, Milesian tale, Picaresque novel (picaresco), Robinsonade (Apocalyptic fantasy robinsonade, Science fiction robinsonade), Sea story.

Chick Lit

"Telling tall tales with the Chick Literati."
Sub-genres include: Bride lit, Brit lit (also known as Singleton Lit), Christian chick lit, Ethnic Chick Lit (Asian chick lit, Black chick lit, Indian chick lit), Lad lit, Hen lit, Mommy lit, Mystery chick lit, Teen Chick Lit, Workplace tell-all, Widow lit.

Erotic Fiction

"Provocative subjects and sensual tales where writers grapple with leaving less to the reader's imagination."
Sub-genres include: Erotic romance, LGBT erotica (Gay erotica, Lesbian erotica), Picaresque novel (picaresco), Women's erotica


"Other worlds or even places not unlike our own: planes of existence where magic is commonplace and fantastical creatures abound." :Sub-genres include: Contemporary fantasy, Dark fantasy, Epic Fantasy / High fantasy, Low fantasy, Magic realism, Mythic, Paranormal Fantasy, Science fantasy, Superhero fantasy, Sword and sorcery, Wuxia, Urban Fantasy.

Historical Fiction

"Grappling with the realities of 17th century kitchen technology? Need help making realistic dialogue for your pre-Columbian youth? Settle in for chats with your fellow novelists who are doing the time warp."
Sub-genres include: Historical romance (Metahistorical romance), Historical whodunnit, Holocaust novel, Plantation tradition, Prehistoric fiction, Regency novel, Regency romance.

Horror & Supernatural

"Graphic tales that leave you on the edge of your seat, hands trembling as you dare to write the next sentence."

Sub-genres include: Gothic fiction, Paranormal, Southern Gothic, Splatterpunk.

Literary Fiction

"Sure, grappling with complex personal and societal issues isn't the most marketable move. And no, we don't always have the tightest plots. But we sure know how to throw a party." (founded 2003)

Mainstream Fiction

"Story-driven, able to be gobbled up in a single transcontinental plane ride. May contain elements of some or all other genres."

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

"Where mystery writers gather to find out who done it."
Sub-genres include: Crime fiction, Detective fiction, Mystery fiction, Conspiracy fiction, Legal thriller, Medical thriller, Political thriller, Spy fiction, Psychological thriller, Techno-thriller. (founded 2003)

Religious, Spiritual & New Age

"A light-filled place to ponder the meaning of it all."
Sub-genres include: Christian fiction, Christian science fiction, Contemporary Christian fiction, Luciferian literature. (founded 2003)


"The young novelist thought she had everything she wanted... until this handsome forum walked into her life and changed everything forever."

Satire, Humor & Parody

"Laugh the month away." Sub-genres include: Romantic comedy, Picaresque novel, Political satire.

Science Fiction

"Interplanetary travel, other planets and extreme technology. Pop by the cafe for coffees of the galaxy."
Sub-genres include: Hard science fiction, Soft science fiction, Science fantasy, Space opera, Punk, Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Nanopunk, Postcyberpunk, Steampunk, Clockpunk, Biopunk, Alternative universe, Scientific romance.

Young Adult & Youth

"A clubhouse for those writing novels geared for young ones." (founded 2003)

Other Genres

"For those who answered "none of the above." (founded 2003) Current Mods:
Cacrocks1 Former Mods: Sammy (2005-2009)

Current Script Frenzy Genre Lounges

  • Action/Adventure/Epic/War
  • Comedy
  • Crime/Gangster/Thriller/Mystery
  • Drama
  • Family/Teen
  • Musicals
  • Romance/Romantic Comedy
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror
  • Other Genres

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