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Fingerless gloves

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Fingerless gloves and armwarmers are a popular type of armwear among Wrimos.

Fingerless gloves are exactly what they sound like: gloves which have had the fingers removed. They may either be removed manually, or they may be sold without fingers. They may cover just past the wrist or extend past the elbows, and they come in a variety of styles, from practical to hand-knit to frilled and fancy. Although uncommon in standard retail stores, they are available in some specialty stores (such as Claire's or Hot Topic) and are available online.

Fingerless gloves are useful among Wrimos as the lack of fingertips allows for normal typing and grip, whereas gloves with fingers typically prove too difficult to type reliably in. Some Wrimos use fingerless gloves to keep their hands and wrists warm while they type, particularly useful in cold venues or for those Wrimos that have poor circulation in their hands. They can also be useful for keeping a Wrimo's wrists or arms from being chafed during writing. Other Wrimos wear them as a statement or writing totem to announce their intent to write (indicating they should not be disturbed to family members and non-Wrimo friends) and to put them in the writing mindset.

Fingerless gloves with the Nano logo have been suggested for possible merchandise by Wrimos.