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Fantasy is a genre of fiction writing categorized by fantastical elements, such as magic and mythological creatures.

Note that while worldbuilding is often a part of fantasy novels, general worldbuilding questions should go to the appropriate forum.


Fantasy is a forum for discussing Fantasy novels. It is one of the most active genre forums and is the most popular genre for NaNoWriMo novels.

Forum Description

"Other realms unlike our own, where the only limit is your imagination. These are stories in which magic is commonplace and fantastical creatures abound." (2015-present)
"Other worlds or even places not unlike our own: planes of existence where magic is commonplace and fantastical creatures abound." (???-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Subgenres include: contemporary fantasy, dark fantasy, epic fantasy/high fantasy, low fantasy/magic realism, mythic, paranormal fantasy, science fantasy, steampunk, superhero fantasy, sword and sorcery, wuxia, urban fantasy
  • Fantasy specific plot doctoring
  • Fantasy specific worldbuilding (e.g., conlangs)
  • Discussion of fantasy tropes and conventions (i.e., pet peeves, smeerps, types of races in fantasy)


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