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=== Current Moderators ===
=== Current Moderators ===
* [[Heather Dudley|Heather Dudley]] (2008-present)
* [[Heather Dudley|Heather Dudley]] (2008-present)
* [http://www.nanowrimo.org/participants/jade-brooke Jade Brooke] (2012-present)
=== Past Moderators ===
=== Past Moderators ===

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Fans and Critics is a NaNoWriMo forum where Wrimos discuss their favorite books, movies, and other media.

While some Wrimos write fanfiction based on some of the works discussed here, the place to discuss writing fanfiction is best taken to the fanfiction genre lounge.

Forum Description

"Wild about your favorite movie? Disappointed in an author's latest offering? Here's a place to rave or rant about your favorite movie/book/anime/cartoon/whatever." (2008-present)

Topics and Threads

  • Various threads on different books, movies, etc.


Current Moderators

Past Moderators

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