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==== Current Moderators ====
==== Current Moderators ====
* [[Heather Dudley]] (2015)
* [[Heather Dudley]] (2015)
* [[User:Tiakall|tiakall]] (2012-2015)
* [[User:Tiakall|tiakall]] (2012-present)
* [http://nanowrimo.org/participants/nikko-chan Nikko-chan] (2015)
* [http://nanowrimo.org/participants/nikko-chan Nikko-chan] (2015-present)
==== Former Moderators ====
==== Former Moderators ====

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Fanfiction is a type of fiction that is based in part on character or setting from a previously created work. While fanfiction itself is not a genre, writing fanfiction comes with its own challenges and tropes that non-fanfic writers encounter less frequently.

Note that discussion of the original works belongs in the Fans and Critics forum.


Fanfiction is a forum added in 2012 for writers of fanfiction.

Forum Description

"If you're cross at your crossover, saddened by your ship, or in need of consultation on canon, come here to connect with your fellow fanfiction writers." (2015)
"Writing a crossover Potter/Twilight fic? Want to talk to your fellow fanfic writers about the challenges of writing fanfiction? Here's the place to discuss the unique challenges of writing fanfiction!" (2012-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Individual threads on various fandoms, such as Harry Potter, Naruto, Final Fantasy, Supernatural, and so on.
  • A general crossovers thread for discussing specific crossovers or in general
  • A thread for discussing Alternate Universes (AUs)
  • A thread for sharing handles and links for where people post fanfiction
  • General discussions of fanfic-specific tropes, such as canon adherence, shipping, fanfic pet peeves, etc.


Current Moderators

Former Moderators

  • Jade Brooke (???)
  • ChocolateQueen (2012)

External Links