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Erotic Fiction

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Erotic Fiction is a genre of fiction focusing primarily on sexual encounters.


Erotic Fiction is a forum for writers of erotica. Needless to say, it is not an all-ages forum. Discussion of erotic subject matter is allowed, but explicit excerpts and details are not, per the Terms of Service. Wrimos wishing to share their erotic excerpts should post their fiction on an external site and link to it.

Forum Description

"Provocative subjects, secret meetings, and sensual tales. Where writers leave little to the reader's imagination, and the characters wear even less." (2015-present)
"Provocative subjects and sensual tales where writers grapple with leaving less to the reader's imagination. (???-2014)

Topics and Threads

  • Sub-genres include: Erotic romance, LGBT erotica (Gay erotica, Lesbian erotica), Women's erotica, BDSM/kink


Current Moderators

Former Moderators

  • essbee (???-2014)
  • fshk (???)
  • Marauders Girl (???-2015-September 2018)
  • zoni (2017-September 2018)

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