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Donation Day

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Donation Day is a day during the month of November when the Office of Letters and Light makes a focused effort to raise funds for Nanowrimo and its other programs. It is typically held in the middle of November and was started in 2009.

The OLL staff typically will offer a prize for the entire website if a high goal is reached, such as performing a silly dance or singing a song written by themselves (Which OLL had to do, most recently, in 2012). Frequent updates are released on Twitter on the progression of their goal. Smaller prizes are also offered, such as a piece of merchandise for anyone that donates, or limited-edition or vintage merchandise for random donors.

Municipal Liaisons often promote the event in their region and may also offer similar prizes (such as humiliating themselves or limited edition items) to their regions for donations.

Nanowrimo Needs Guts

In 2011, OLL held a midsummer fundraising drive called "Camp and Guts Drive" which sought to raise funds to allow Camp Nanowrimo to become a reality and to facilitate the move of the main NaNoWriMo website from Drupal to Ruby on Rails. The fundraiser had one level--$50--which got the donor goodies specific to the fundraiser - a Camp and Guts Drive bumper sticker, a Camp Nanowrimo poster, and bonus pep talks through the month of November, as well as a special badge on their profile for the 2011 season. It started on May 26 and lasted for two weeks, and was successful in allowing Camp Nanowrimo to run in July and August and getting the website to Ruby on Rails in time for the 2011 season.