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Diversions & Procrastination

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The Games, Diversions, and Other Exciting Forms of Procrastination forum appears in the Outside the Box forum category. Usually abbreviated "Games", it is a spinoff forum from Off Topic. Designed for diversions of the non-productive sort, Games is one of the busiest forums in the off season, and typically has a higher post count than any other forum. In 2008, it was singlehandedly responsible for crashing the entire website when some of the longer threads reached a point where the indexing crashed the database. Because of this crash, the policy of locking posts of over 500 comments was instituted. Since the switch to Ruby on Rails, this policy has no longer been necessary due to better stability.

This forum also once held the role playing games until the Role Playing and Communal Story Building forum was born in 2007.

Forum Description

"If there's one thing more fun than working on your novel in November, it's not working on your novel in November. Come here for a relaxing mental vacation full of bumping, egregiously erroneous information, movie-title tag, word-association, and much, much more."

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