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'''December and Beyond''' is a section of the [[NaNoWriMo forums]] where [[Wrimo]]s can get support and advice on post-NaNo life. Topics range from editing to goal-setting to soliciting feedback on NaNo novels.
#REDIRECT [[I Wrote a Novel, Now What?]]
This forum category was created in 2007.
==Forums in this category==
*[[Critiques, Feedback, and Novel Swaps]]
*[[Novel Draft Aftercare]]
*[[The Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary Things Together]]
*[[Life After NaNoWriMo]]
==Former forums in this category==
*[[Camp NaNoWriMo]] (2011, received its own category in 2010)
==External Links==
[http://www.nanowrimo.org/forum_categories/155 December and Beyond forum section]
[[Category:NaNoWriMo forums]]

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