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Day One Ridiculous Goal

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Day One Ridiculous Goal (abbreviated DORG) is a yearly struggle to write a number of words above the daily goal on the first day (the first 24 hours, or 25 hours if Daylights Savings time occurs on the same day as it did in the US in 2015) of NaNoWriMo. Like the Reverse NaNo setup, the idea is to start the month with a buffer; if someone should get Week Two'd and fail to make a daily quota, they do not fall immediately behind. Some participants of #50kday have used DORG to give their challenge an additional motivation, but many other participants use it for smaller goals of 2k, 5k, 10k, and so on. A thread is made in the Word Wars forum every year to announce goals and for accountability.

It was started in 2011 by Alabama::Elsewhere ML cosmam. There have been six DORGs: <--! but the names of most of them are lost to time, at least until someone else remembers them.-->

  • DORG I - ???
  • DORG II - Electric Boogaloo
  • DORG III - ???
  • DORG IV - ???
  • DORG V - DORGs of the Calla
  • DORG VI - The DORG Awakens