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Box of Doom

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The Box of Doom is a wordcount challenge tool.[1]

A word counts are written on pieces of paper (or something sturdier, like popsicle sticks, as the box is reusable) and are placed in a box or other vessel (on slips of paper, popsicle sticks, buttons, or what have you). When someone wants a challenge, they draw one from the box - but whatever you draw, that's how much you write! There are no redraws and there is no bargaining with the Box of Doom.

The counts can be colored for difficulty, clearly, so the person can choose their difficulty based on their ability and needs.


The example Google Sheet also includes several non wordcounts.

ML's Choice—The ML or host chooses the wordcount.
Stranger Choice—another participant choices the wordcount
Group Choice—The entire group decides on the wordcount.
Unlucky—draw twice, take the more difficult wordcount.
Lucky—draw twice, take the easier result.
Time Warp—skip until all others pull.
Ditto—Same result as last person who chose.
The Chase—Same as the highest wordcount.

Dice reference may also be used and would be the result times 100. There may also be a base added to a die roll, such as +500.

2d6 (roll two six sided dice) = 200-1200 words

If a 2 and a 4 was rolled the wordcount would be 600 words.

If the roll was 3d6+500 and they rolled 1 2 6, the wordcount would be 1,400 words.

Boxes of Doom

[Cosman's Box]
[Fly's Box]
[belenustenebrae's Box]


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