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Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is a group that oversees the Office of Letters and Light and its long-term planning. It was founded in 2006 around the same time as OLL. The founding board consisted of Eric Doherty, Kara Platoni, Diane Reese, Russell Uman, and Ellen Martin.

By 2008 Diane Reese and Russell Uman stepped down from the board (the latter possibly coinciding with the end of his time as a technical manager at OLL), and Christopher White joined the board.

In 2010 Steve Held, Elizabeth Gregg, and Nick Turner joined. Ellen Martin and Kara Platoni stepped down. Jason Snell's year of entry into the board is unknown.

Current OLL executive director Grant Faulkner served on the board in 2011. NaNoWriMo founder Chris Baty has also served on the board. When he stepped down from his position as OLL executive director, he was made a board member emeritus.

Board of Directors trivia

The board member selection process and term, if any, are unknown. Viking helmets are present during board meetings. Members of the board indicate their willingness to pass a motion by donning their viking helmet[1].

The current board

The current board consists of the following members:

  • Eric Doherty
  • Elizabeth Gregg
  • Steve Held
  • Jason Snell
  • Nick Turner
  • Christopher White


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