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Author Info

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My NaNoWriMo is the personal page for users of the NaNoWriMo site. Users can check or enter their word count, update their novel information, or add a cover to their novel.

Author Info

In this tab, the author's information is shared. It contains an Author Bio and a Fact Sheet. The Author Bio is the section where the author introduces himself and briefly talks about his writing journey and personal story. The fact sheet contains the author's role, age, location, hobbies, favorite noveling music, website, StayClassy URL, occupation, and favorite books/authors (all of this is optional). This tab also includes badges showing what years the author has participated in and won.

My Novels

In this tab, the author's books and works in progress are displayed. You can easily see the book that they've written during NaNoWriMo (both present and past) and read a synopsis and excerpt of the book. You can also access the book's stats.

Writing Buddies

This tab shows all of the author's writing buddies, specifically the people that the author has "buddied." The brown check mark beside the profile's name denote that the person buddied them back.

Buddy Of

This tab shows all of the people that have buddied the author.


Stats, short for "statistics", is where the author's word count is recorded using a bar graph that shows their progress towards 50,000 words. This tab also shows the average per day, words written today, target word count, target average words per day, total words written, current day, days remaining, when you will finish at the rate you're going (when the author wins, this is replaced with the day he finished), and words per day to finish on time.