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Appellation Station

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The Appellation Station is the NaNoWriMo forum devoted to all things naming. It was founded in 2012. calante gave the forum its name.

The question "Don't know what to name your main character's third uncle?" was in the Plot Doctoring forum description for several years before this forum's birth.

Forum Description

"Don't know what to name your main character's third uncle? Have a place that needs something better than "MC's Home Town"? Can't find the title that will make your novel a bestseller? Appellation Station is your home for all your naming needs. From titles to names, even pen names, this is your one-stop shop!" (2012-present)

Topics and Threads

Some popular threads in the forum include "Name the Novel Above You/Suggest a Title" where users would post plot synopses or premises and others would reply underneath with title ideas. There is also "Critique the Title of the Person Above You" which is where users post their titles and others reply with their thoughts. The Name That Character Thread is also consistently popular. Name Pronunciation, Name Spelling, and Name Meaning are all helpful and popular threads on Appellation Station.

There are also rather humorous threads, such as "Unfortunate Names" where one can find stories of real people/places being named the most ridiculous things.

The sticky hosts a list of name-based resources, as well as a few tips for starting threads and naming characters.


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