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Age Group: 20s is a NaNoWriMo forum where Wrimos in their twenties can connect and get to know each other. It was founded in 2007 when the Age Group Lounges included more than the Age Group: Teens forum for the first time.

Forum Description

"Some may call you Generation Y. Perhaps you're the the first internet enabled generation, but we know you as swift young novelists. This is your forum!" (2007-2014 with small grammatical changes)

"Your twenties are full of possibility. What better time to create entire worlds on the page? Congregate, congratulate, and commiserate with your crew here." (2015-present)

Popular Topics and Threads

  • Threads for each age
  • Threads for various aspects of adulthood and life (married, unmarried, have kids, don't want kids, job searching...)

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