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Adoptables are a collections of threads that appear annually in the Plot Doctoring forum on the NaNoWriMo forums. Each thread is a collection of unused or unwanted plot devices, characters, novel premises, dialogues, titles, lines, deaths, motives (and many, many more) that have been placed up for adoption because the original creators have no use for them. The threads are usually organized by a moderator in a sticky at the top of the Plot Doctoring page.

Adoptables threads

Adoptables threads are user-generated, and old standbys such as "Adopt a Plot" and "Adopt a Character" are brought back year after year by experienced Wrimos as soon as the forums have been rebooted at the beginning of October. Others are added as the month progresses. To have an adoptables thread added to the official adoptables list, the thread's creator must PM the link to the thread to a forum moderator, who will then add it to the sticky thread. Thus, the adoptables list is slightly different each year, depending on which threads are created by users.

Adoptables etiquette

Proper adoptables etiquette includes always asking permission and/or letting the other writer know that you want to use an idea. Although the other Wrimo has technically made it clear that s/he does not want the idea in question, writers are sometimes very attached to the tidbits that they share and would like to have some inkling of where their "baby" is going. This can be done by quoting the idea you want to use and posting on the thread (a simple "I'd like to snag this" will suffice). However, since this sort of post tends to clog up the thread and because Wrimos may not always check the thread to see if their idea has been taken, the most efficient and simple method is to send the other writer a private message saying that you'd like to adopt the idea in question. Some writers may even ask to see the way in which you choose to use their idea (this often happens with characters or stories that s/he have a vested emotional interest in). If you're not too squeamish about sharing your work, it's courteous to PM them with pertinent excerpts from your NaNovel, though it's certainly not a requirement.

Multiple uses

Many adoptables pass straight from the creator to the user. Nevertheless, there are inevitably items on an adoptables thread that will prove intriguing to a number of people. The good news is that, unlike a puppy, a character or story can be adopted by multiple Wrimos. Although you may be irked to discover that someone else will be writing something based on the exact same premise as you, take comfort in the fact that your individual style and unique background will make the story completely yours, regardless of the fact that it sprang from the same idea that inspired a similar story.