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ACK! The boards are dead!

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The ACK! The boards are dead! thread is a long-running continuous thread in the Reaching 50,000! Forum. It was started back in 2004 by Wrimo LadyVivamus. Many people are still confused over the purpose and origin of this thread (especially when they first see it throughout October and November and the boards are very much alive).

In 2010, when asked how the board originated, both Sky Pirate Marco and LadyVivamus had something to say. Sky says "It's a long standing NaNo tradition from when the boards were actually 'dead', i.e there were no posters." and LadyVivamus follows this up by adding her reasoning for creating the thread years ago: "Yep. I was bored, back in 2004, and looking for someone to chat with, but no thread seemed to be active. At all. So I started this one, complaining, and people joined me!"

Wrimo sushimustwrite sadly points out that "this is another one of those things lost to the 2004 ether." This refers to the fact that after the wipe and switch to Xoops in Late September/Early October of 2005, all of the 2004 forums were lost, never to be found again (usually the forums are inserted into a read-only archive at wipe time).

Another thing to point out is that along with the ACK! The boards are dead! thread came the Dancing Marshmallow Man.