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50k Weekend

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Note: This challenge is commonly referred to as #50kweekend. It is written as 50k Weekend due to technical restrictions.

50k Weekend (also known as #50kweekend) is a challenge to write the full 50,000 words of NaNoWriMo over the course of a weekend. While it can be completed over any weekend, the most popular time to complete the challenge is, despite the name, over the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of U.S. Thanksgiving weekend. It is a challenge taken predominantly by overachievers to write 50,000 words toward their overall November goal but is certainly not limited to them. 50k weekend users on Twitter use the #50kweekend hashtag to track their progress toward the goal or to discuss the challenge throughout the year.


While the idea of 50k weekend has likely existed for years, the challenge gained popularity in 2010 when User:MattKinsi mentioned the need to catch up toward his November goal over Thanksgiving weekend in the #nanolanta chat room. With chomskyrabbit and Sushimustwrite the challenge turned into writing 50,000 words over that weekend. Sushimustwrite posted the challenge to the Overachiever thread, and chomskyrabbit posted a 50k weekend thread to the word war forum. The challenge saw around 15 participants.

50k weekend is expected to return over U.S. Thanksgiving weekend in 2011.