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2012 Summer Fundraising Drive

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The 2012 Summer Fundraising Drive was an fundraiser to support the Office of Letters and Light. Its goal was to gain the funds to improve the NaNoWriMo website so it could support more Wrimos.

Donors who donated $50 received a pack of three trading cards, one pack for every $50 donated. The trading cards consisted of Chris Baty, the Traveling Shovel of Death, Mr. Ian Woon, the Plot bunny, and the Guilt Monkey. Three of these packages contained a golden mustache, which entitled winners to claim one of three fabulous prizes.

Len Peralta drew the art on the cards, and the cards were designed by Graham Dobson.

During the fundraiser the NaNo team posted a series of stories about Wrimos on the OLL blog.

Golden Mustache Prizes

  • A vintage typewriter donated by California Typewriter.
  • A fantasy writing package donated by Castle in the Air that includes Venetian glass pens, Roman leather journals, hand formulated ink, sealing wax cooked in cauldrons, handmade writing paper, and more.
  • A cuddly version of each character in the trading cards. (Minus the Traveling Shovel of Death. The winner received the shovel, but it wasn't cuddly.)

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