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Welcome to Wikiwrimo!
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Welcome to Wikiwrimo, the unofficial wiki of National Novel Writing Month, and Camp NaNoWriMo, and the nonprofit, written for Wrimos, by Wrimos. Here you'll find out about everything behind the monthlong writing challenge that started it all: from Mr. Ian Woon to the Traveling Shovel of Death, from trebuchets to that painting of Tom Selleck in the NaNoWriMo office.

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Are you doing NaNo for the first time? Check out some tips for newbies and the Unofficial NaNo FAQ.

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Other stuff of interest

  • The logo and favicon are by the spiffy in.fair.verona.
  • If things break, you can ask on the question board, on your admin's talk page, or via email at sushimustwrite at wikiwrimo.org.
  • MediaWiki FAQ This is a more complete version of Mediawiki's FAQ.
  • How to cite pages I'll add a page for this later, but for now, this is how you add footnotes to articles.